Fort East Martello Museum and Gardens,
3501 S. Roosevelt Blvd., Key West, Florida
Click here to find Fort East Martello Museum with Google Maps
Open daily from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Closed Christmas Day
Admission is $6 for adults
$3 for children (children under 6 free) and students with ID
$5 for Seniors (62+), AAA Travelers, and Locals with ID, Members - Free.
Rental of the facility and grounds is available. Call 305-296-3913 for information.

Come see Robert at Night when the Museum is Closed
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Travel Channel Has Trouble With Robert

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Robert Rules After Dark

On a dark night at East Martello, Robert the Doll was interviewed by Jorge Estevez, for South Florida’s CBS News 4. The story will air on Channel 4 Evening News as part of a special report about the Spookiest Places in South Florida.

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To watch the story about Robert on CBS News 4 that aired on
Wednesday, October 28th at 11 pm Click Here.

Teacher Uses Robert's Story in Lessons

(The following is a letter from High School Instructor Hope Myers)
For three years, I worked at Suncoast Community High School in Riviera Beach, FL teaching psychology, and every year I would tell the story of Robert the Doll to my juniors. It became a yearly event for the new juniors to learn about Robert and the seniors to scare them about it. Last year, I announced that I was moving to China to teach at an American school in Shanghai and told my students that I was worried that Robert's story would leave with me. My students made sure that Robert would be a part of the campus long after I left by painting his likeness on the classroom door. I'm attaching a picture for you to see. Graduates coming back to visit the campus are glad that Robert is waiting for them (sort of). As for me, I'm still telling Robert's story but in China. Cheers and thanks for the wonderful teaching opportunity!
Hope Myers

Robert Still Safe After Storm Hits Key West

Robert Has An AURA!

While Robert was making his brief appearance at the Atlantic Paranormal Society’s Convention in Clearwater, FL., Sandy Duveau used her special Aura detecting camera to take Robert's picture. Of course she asked him if it was OK, and when the image appeared it was very apparent Robert does indeed have an Aura. The colors are blue on the top and purple at the bottom. According to Sandy Duveau, a blue aura conveys, "deep feeling, communication, peace and love," while a purple (or violet) aura conveys, "Magical, unifying, deep spiritual understanding." This image is the same one Sandy Duveau took at the convention. It has not been touched up at all.
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